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Reasons why our clients have wished to raise money

by releasing equity from their homes

  • Helping  children to buy their own houses

    • 3 clients raised a total of £268,595

  • Providing money for foreign travel   

    • 3 clients raised a total of £275,000

  • Paying off an interest-only mortgage or other debts

    • 3 clients raised a total of £177,500

  • Pay for improvements to house

    • 2 clients raised a total of £41,500

  • Restoring depleted savings to give financial security in retirement

    • 2 clients raised a total of £80,000

  • Give money to family to enjoy now rather than wait for inheritance

    • 1 clients raised £36,000

Some clients have done the above by asking their existing

Equity release Lenders for a Further Advance.


Value Move   %     
FTSE 100
7,049.8022.81 0.32 
FTSE All Share
3,868.493.87 0.10 
Value Move   %     
1.140.00 0.17 
United States Dollar
1.310.00 0.00 
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